Chicago Drug Crimes Lawyer

Possession or Delivery/Distribution of Narcotics are treated as some of the most serious crimes in both State and Federal Courts and carry very harsh penalties. In State Court possession of any controlled substance, other than marijuana, no matter how small the amount is a Felony and carries a potential penitentiary sentence. In Federal Court possession, distribution or conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance is an extremely serious charge and carries potentially lengthy penitentiary sentences. If you are facing drug charges in Illinois, speak with experienced Chicago drug crimes lawyer Michael A. Johnson as soon as possible.

Let an experienced Drug Crimes Lawyer in Chicago represent you!

It is important when seeking an attorney to represent you or a loved one either charged or under investigation for a narcotics violation that you choose an attorney experienced in these matters. If law enforcement officers come to your home to execute a search or arrest warrant, you should contact an attorney immediately.

Experienced Narcotics Distribution and Possession Attorney in Chicago

Michael A. Johnson has handled thousands of cases alleging possession or delivery of small and large quantities of illegal drugs. Mr. Johnson has handled narcotics cases in State and federal Courts in Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas and Florida. If you or a loved one has been charged with a narcotics offense, don’t wait, contact Michael A. Johnson at 312-222-0660 for professional assistance from a Chicago Drug Crimes Lawyer.

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