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Property Crimes consist of a variety of offenses from misdemeanors to non-probationable felonies. Such offenses as Theft, Burglary, Robbery and Forgery, can be classified as Property Crimes. In Federal Court such offenses as Wire Fraud, Tax Evasion, Bank Robbery and Mail Fraud, just to name a few are also considered Property Crimes. For more information regarding property crimes in Illinois, speak with an experienced Chicago property crimes lawyer.

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Often people think that if they just return the item or money involved, that the criminal charges will be dismissed. This is not true and this could be used against you in court to show guilt. There are cases where the return of the stolen property can be helpful, but you should have legal representation before you attempt to do such a thing after you have been accused. In many cases the mere possession of the stolen property, without having actually taken it can be considered a crime.

Experienced Theft Defense in Chicago

The classification of the offense (Felony, Misdemeanor), is usually determined by the amount taken or value of the property. If you or a loved one has been accused of a Property Crime, you need experienced representation. Michael A. Johnson has successfully represented thousands of clients accused of a variety of Property Crimes.

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